Siddament was started over 5 years ago under the name P3D.

Since the early days, transparency has been at the heart of the entire operation, all issues faced are publicaly stated as well as manufacturers of the filament.

This is a unconventional way of doing business for sure, as I expose my suppliers to provide better transparency of where the filament is coming from. This intern also puts pressure on the manufacturer to put more effort into their products as their name is tied to the product.

My goal was to bring the entry price of complex 3d printing filaments to a lower more affordable price. I do this by buying in bulk and taking razor thin margins on most rolls compared to other retailers of filament.

I now supply literal tonnes of filament per month to local businesses, print farms and customers!

One man operation!

Essentially open 24/7... 3am out of filament? come on through.

About me!

(Pictured: A very drunk Sidd on a French mountain on the first day of tomorrowland)

20 Years old and I'm usually always on holidays or at Tomorrowlands, running the business out of my workshop and driveway which can hold up to 30,000 rolls of filament at any given time!

Hence why there can be delays sometimes as it’s just me, myself and I packing orders all day!

3D Printing to me is a hobby rather than a business unlike other local shops. I provide free repairs for printers when I have time and I love to chat printing for hours on end, feel free to drop by at anytime.



Meet me the Sidd of Siddament!
I run the most unprofessional professional filament store in Australia

Indian tech support

Customer service

I'm the one with the cooked and informal english on emails and the one answering phone calls. 0432451003 (I actually hate calls so please message first)

Unpaid Adult labor


(Pictured: A very hungover Sidd)
Ever wonder why your shipment is delayed… yeah me too sometimes.

Meet Sidd again, the person who has incorrectly packed 20 orders out of the 2500 orders

as of 2/2/2024 it stands at 46 orders out of 4400

I do actually frequently cook orders on restock day

As you can probably tell at this point, it’s a one man operation doing over 10-12 tons of filament a month in sales.