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PCCF Filament Produced By Siddament (China)
A premium filament combining the strength of polycarbonate with 15% by weight of chopped carbon fibers. These fibers, measuring 0.04mm in length, enhance the filament's strength, stiffness, and heat resistance. Perfect for demanding applications requiring durability and toughness. Ideal for functional prototypes, automotive parts, and engineering projects.

Recommended settings:

  • Printing temperature: 250-280°C
  • Bed temperature: 80-100°C
  • Printing speed: 40-300mms

Technical Data Sheet

Slicer Profiles

Bed Adhesion

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lee O'Connor
Excellent quality and easy to print with

Definitely going to buy another roll.
Prints amazingly well.

Dara O h
Excellent! PCCF is a PIA to get dialled in but when it is this one is great

Took about 10days of trials to get it working but with glue stick and the right settings this stuff is great. For tiny parts place a similar height cube on the plate. It helps stop clogs. Note that for my machine ratio was 0.815 compared to 1.014 for matt PLA

Added some settings for Orca slicer below. Extrusion rate smoothing really helps

Simon Jardine

Great stuff!!! Printing in a 60C enclosure on masking tape with glue. No fans at 275C.
Bed temp is 100. Print the first layer slowly, I'm printing 85mm/s.
Quality is awesome!!!!!!!

Andre D
Great PCCF and a great price

Ive been using this PCCF for a few months now and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a PCCF blend with great heat resistance, I've tested it and it comes super close to 3DXTech ezPCCF which costs a boat load more then Sidd's PCCF.
Ive been using it for printer parts and it has not given me any issues. It also prints easily within a hot chamber (60C) not that i've tried cold.
If you're looking for some PCCF to try with high heat resistance this is the one to get!

mark jones
stinks?? smells like abs/asa

Stinks and warps. I've used many pc-cfs and this is highly suspect. Still prints though. Surface is a bit rough.