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Herja 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

Herja 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

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THESE KITS ARENT STOCKED LOCALLY! Once you order,  the order is passed onto OOD, they will get the kits ready and then shipped out on the next Protopasta shipment, Please note the lead time from you ordering with me is 3-4 weeks from the date of your order. Ordering through me, you will get cheaper shipping as opposed to the costlier options OOD has on their sites!

Herja (Pronounced 'Her-yah') is the ultimate side-along blaster. Featuring a unique mounting system and remote trigger option, this blaster can be mounted to a variety of primary blasters. This 3D parts + Hardware kit contains everything you need to build your own Herja blaster. Just add a battery.

*Do not use wide tipped darts in this blaster, they will cause it to jam.  Worker Gen3+ have had the best results in our testing.

• Designed by Tarik
• Powered by Loki motors
• Build-it-yourself kit
• Ultra-compact mountable blaster system
• Multiple RoF options
• Talon compatible short-dart blaster
• Remote switch option
• Mountable to all rail types via chosen adapter

• Material: PLA printed filament
• Average Velocity (Standard Deviation): 97 FPS (9)*
• Dimensions: 164.5 x 44.3 x 85.3 / 6.5" x 1.75" x 3.36" (LxWxH)
• Weight:

*Note: For consistency, we only recorded the first shot from each burst in our 20-shot average. Real-world performance may be higher.

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