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Juno Rival Blaster Hardware Kit

Juno Rival Blaster Hardware Kit

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THIS KIT IS CURRENTLY NOT STOCKED LOCALLY! Once you order,  the order is passed onto OOD, they will get the kits ready and then shipped out on the next Protopasta shipment, Please note the lead time from you ordering with me is 1-2 weeks from the date of your order. Ordering through me, you will get cheaper shipping as opposed to the costlier options OOD has on their sites!

This kit includes all of the hardware needed to build a Juno. The Juno is the successor to the famous Jupiter with increased performance, features, and freely available files. This blaster is great for indoor play and HvZ with its high rate and capabilities for higher ammo capacity. The listing does not include the 3d parts required to build the blaster (STLs linked below). The Holdster bundle includes 4x large brass inserts and two magnets. 

• Custom Photon Rival wheels with improved performance
130 FPS with Kraken
• Single two-stagged trigger
• Full auto with multiple fire rate motor choices. Different RPM pusher motors determine the rate.

3 Pusher/rate of fire choices:
• 4.5 balls/second = 300RPM
• 9 balls/second = 600RPM
• 15 balls/second = 1000RPM

• STL Files(V5.4)- (Zip File)
• Individual 3MF/STL files (GitHub)
• Juno Blaster + Kits
• Juno's Fury (coming soon)
• Proton Pack Adapter
• Worker 15-round magazine
• LiPo Alarm
• Charger 

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